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Gotta Tip – How did it Start?

So, did you know that a blog is the new business card? Well, it is! Guess what, I needed a new business card and Gotta Tip! blog was born.  MBWA (Management By Walking Around) is the FUN part of my daily job. While I am walking around the office, I tell my agents, Gotta Tip for you. When it was time to start my blog it was natural for that to be the topic and name.

My goal is to provide helpful Real Estate Tips to Run Your Business. The categories are organized as follows:
• Super Star Agent – That’s YOU! This will have Super Tips
• Running a Business – Tips to Plan Your Future
• Technology – Tips for the Technology Based World
• Making it BIG – Tips for taking it to the Next Level

I have been in the real estate business since 2002 and a Managing Broker/Vice President since 2005. I specialize in coaching and training agents, new and experienced in business and personal life. I really enjoy watching people solve problems and assist clients in achieving their dreams.

I hope you enjoy Gotta Tip! check back often for new Tips.

Reach out and let me know what you think.

Sarah Bloustine
ReeceNichols Overland Park

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